Monday, February 24, 2014


After months of looking and lusting after the cute cosmetic bags and loot every month sent out by the subscription service, Ipsy, I finally subscribed!

That's the good news! The bad news is that it is already 20 whole days into the month of February and I had yet to receive February's fare. I checked the tracking numbers everyday and sometimes I found them stalled in some strange state. Today it finally arrived! I have been watching lots of Youtube videos on makeup and got inspired to rekindle my love for all things makeup. It came with a nail polish, lip gloss, lashes, blush, a face mask and of course the official Ipsy bad

I was so excited when I opened my bag I put on the nail polish that was included right away! Hey, it was nail polish day anyway!! I didn't apply a base coat or even a top coat for that matter, against alllll nail polish policies, but it held up nicely... and even had a glossy finish. I love all things purple so I was not mad about anything there at all.

I am soo looking forward to March's Ipsy bag! I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where the hell did this year go??

I remember thinking that I had soooooo many months until Black Friday.... then what the hell do you know... it came and went. Just. Like. That! Black Friday is my Christmas...and my husband's birthday and Christmas all in one. This year we didn't go crazy or anything. Just things that we needed and had been eyeing all year... not much though, but we're happy with what we got.

2013 took some good people away with it and it pains me to know that they will no longer be here in the physical form. I recently read that energy cannot be destroyed, it just changes and so I am somewhat comforted in knowing that their energy is still around, but I will miss them like crazy! I went to two funerals that I can remember this year and I really could have and should have gone to more, but I just couldn't.

Anyhow, if "life spare" 2014 is right around the bend and hopefully it brings with it some good news. I don't know how I've made it thus far, because there have been times when I definitely thought that the end was near. But I realize that at times when you look at the journey ahead it seems impossible, but step by step it is possible. Anything is possible. I hope to take on some giants this coming year and make some drastic changes. I am praying that it is also God's will to accommodate these changes. I will just have to step out on faith and see.

I also have to come to the harrowing realization that I am not as young as I think anymore as well. I had a health issue that I had been battling for a long time and I had had enough! I put on my big girl panties and went to see someone about it. I got medicine and treatment and within days I was much better. I couldn't believe it. Last year I had gone months and months suffering. This year when the same issue returned I was like HEEEEELLLLLLLLL NOOOOO... not going through that again. It's a huge reminder that I need to take care of myself better before small things turn into something bigger.

I got to see my godmother in July. I hadn't seen her in almost twenty years or thereabouts. That was a huge highlight for me this year. I went to New York to meet up with my mother and my cousins, so it was very unexpected and I was very grateful for that.

Looking forward to making more memories in 2014!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pre-Planning ain't so bad after all!

Many, many months ago in a group chat on Facebook, Adam Levine came up in conversation. Someone mentioned that he would be in our area this year performing with his band Maroon 5. I'm one of those people that is afraid to plan too far in advance. Too many things could happen between now and then. I'll have an idea of what I want to do, but to go ahead and make a concrete plan... nope, not so much... and so what ends up happening is that I miss out on so many opportunities because who the hell wants to shell out $300-$500 to see Beyonce?? I mean, if I could afford it then maybe, but on my shoestring budget... not happening. So anyhow, thanks to these friends, they went ahead with the planning and the ticket purchasing... and wouldn't you believe it the date rolled around quickly! As luck would have it I was supposed to work in the evening but at the last minute I didn't have to go again.

I got to the venue and I was hooked. I knew it was going to be a great night. I mean, good laughs, great weather (meaning no rain... still a bit hot though) and to top it off a shirtless Adam Levine!!! Up to the very day before the concert, I could not breathe properly, I was coughing, runny nose, runny eyes.... the works! I took Vitamin B, C, D, zinc, Echinacea on top of medicine for my throat and the sneezing, eye drops and honey and I was good to go. I sang my heart out and didn't care if my pitch was off (IT WAS!!) While there I vowed to get out and do things like that much more. Things that I wouldn't ordinarily have done.

My Instagram pic of the night: Maroon 5

It's my birthday this month so this was the first leg of the celebrating. We'll see what I come up with next!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Apologies all around!

I apologize for my inconsistent blogging. Despite my best intentions it just hasn't been happening. I plan to change that though... again. I'm going to throw caution to the wind and air out all the dirty laundry that's been going on in my head. Good, bad and the ugly. Yikes! Watch out!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Death of a friend

Unfortunately, these days it's not unusual to get that call or text in the middle of the night announcing the passing of a friend. Usually it's due to some sort of crime, occasionally it's due to illness. This morning it was the latter.

My friend Dwayne passed away. I've known him for over 20 years. His sister was also my schoolmate but we were not really friends. Dwayne was my friend. He came to my house. I went to his. We went for Sunday drives on many a Sunday. I lost touch with Dwayne, but thanks to Facebook we got back in touch. I picked up a conversation with him and it was as though we had just talked the day before. He was one of the kindest, most gentle souls that you would ever come across. He was huge in stature and his heart was twice as big. I don't know if anyone would ever have anything bad to say about him. He was my voice of reason for a rather tumultuous time in my life as well, and I can never thank him enough for his kind words.

There has been a tremendous outpouring of sympathy on his Facebook page and it just reiterates what a great person and friend he was to many. One of my last conversations with Dwayne was about a friend of ours... she had passed away and I was in shock. He had dated her back in the day and even though they broke up and she had gone on to marry someone else and have children, I still saw her as Dwayne's girl. My consolation is that he is now with his girl.

Walk good Friend! Until we meet again.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


is something that scares the shit out of me. I know that everyone is not cut out to be a good mother. Being a good mother is a relative term, I know that. There is no manual on how to parent. Even though I swear that there should be one. Everyone should have to take a parenting class and get a certificate to see if they are fit to be parents. I am 150% positive that everyone that have children would not have passed. However, as I said, being a good parent is relative. One may think that they have a good parent because they get every material thing that they have asked for, but that is definitely not true. What about those parents who could not even afford to meet most of their child's most basic needs? Are they bad parents because they are poor? Of course not!

One of the problems with parenting and the measure of a good parent is that you will not know immediately if you have actually done a good job for quite some time in many cases. Some adults develop problems later on in life that many shrinks now link to deficiencies in their childhood. Parenting is not an exact science. This scares me. I don't think I'm fully equipped to maintain full responsibility for another human being. If I fuck up my life, that's one thing, but to do that to someone else who has no actual choice in the matter is cruelty at the highest level. The solution is Do. Not. Fuck. Up!

I see instances constantly in socializing with my friends where I see that they do make mistakes and do defend their choices in parenting fiercely. Some think that their child is well adjusted and also well mannered. It's easier to point fingers at other parents and point out their flaws but do you even register these flaws for yourself? How do you tell a parent whose main responsibility is to love and care for a child that their child is spoiled rotten and has no frigging behavior! It's easier to see the wrong in other people's children, but your own child? Not so easy. To be a good parent, I think that you would need to remove the blinders and see your child for who they are and try to guide them correctly. But what if you don't even know what this means.

Then also, where does this maternal instinct come from? How is it that some women just know that they want to be a parent? That mothering someone is so important to them? Why is this so important? What if this dream doesn't come true? Does this mean that your life serves no purpose because you are not a biological mother to someone?

I think motherhood comes in many different forms. Some people are not able to physically carry a child from egg to fully formed human, but they can be a mother to a child who has no mother. That is equally important I think. Even more importantly, there are steps that one will have to go through that makes sure (for the most part) that your are fully equipped and ready to parent a child. A step that is missing in the whole biological process.